SPACE Gallery’s 2021 Poetry Hotline

I’m very pleased to be part of @space538‘s 2021 Poetry Hotline, a 24/7 call-in number featuring a new poem every week. My poem “Telephone 8 (You have reached)” is available this week, beginning today.

Throughout the spring, call 1-207-828-5607 to hear poems by Myles Bullen , CA Conrad, Stacey Tran, Myronn Hardy, me, Shelley Wong, Alessandra Nysether-Santos, and Arisa White.

In the words, of SPACE, the 2021 Poetry Hotline is a screenless experience available to anyone with access to a cell phone or landline. This project honors the importance of poetry to speak to us in times of change and upheaval and offers a direct line to Maine-based and national poets and their visions for the future. The 2021 Poetry Hotline leans on art as both balm and bravery for the road ahead, led by a range of poets offering words of respite, reflection, radicalization, or regeneration to any caller, anywhere, when they need it.

Schedule (hotline updated every Monday morning):
Myles Bullen: April 19
Myronn Hardy: April 26
CA Conrad: May 3
Stacey Tran: May 10
Éireann Lorsung: May 17
Shelley Wong: May 24
Alessandra Nysether-Santos: May 31
Arisa White: June 7